Animals found in Iceland

Before humans came to Iceland there was only one type of mammal living on the island, the artic fox. Nowadays, we can find many different types of mammals such as sheep’s or horses. These ones are domestic animals. For example, the sheep were taken to Iceland to help to survive to the harsh conditions and to keep the settlers warm as their wool is very warm. There are approximately 800.000 sheep in Iceland, so they outnumber the population by quite a bit.  Another common animal is the Icelandic horse, which is not taller than 150 cm. They are one of the most popular stops for tourist who want to take a picture with them alongside the route 1 (ring road in Iceland). 

Seal in the west of Iceland

The Icelandic dog, was also brought to Iceland by the settlers. The Icelandic sheep dog can be found in the countryside, as they help the farmer to run their sheep from one place to another. 

When it comes to wildlife in Iceland in the first place and the most popular are the puffins, a little cute bird that usually lives on coastal cliffs or offshore islands. During the spring season they have colourful beaks but during winter it turns grey. They eat fishes and zooplankton. There are some places like Vestmannaeyjar, Lundey, Látrabjarg, Vigur Island or Dyrhólaey where you can find these cute little creatures in spring and summer.  For the winter they all fly south and spend the winter off the coast of Africa. 

Puffin in Iceland

Other wild animals in Iceland are the whales. There are many tours to see this stunning animal around the island as exist 20 types of whales and dolphins. There are some good spots, for example, Húsavík and Snæfellsnes but also from Reykjavík. You can check out the most popular whale watching tours in Iceland here.  Another popular coastal animal is the grey seal, a curious animal that you can see in most regions in Iceland.  Hvammstangi and Snæfellsnes peninsula would be the best places to see the Seals relaxing and sleeping on the beaches.  

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