Festivals in Iceland

Is always nice to visit a new country but if you also find a festival during your vacation it can turn into an awesome experience.

Between January and FebruaryIcelanders celebrate Þorrablót, the feast of thorri, in honor of the Nordic god of thunder. They have some informal dinner with friends and family while they organised some events with stage performances and dances, and the streets and buildings are illuminating.

In February or March, Iceland celebrates the Food and Fun Festival where chefs from all over the world come to Reykavík to cook great dishes to compete among them. You can check it on their website: www.foodandfun.is

Design March: a mix of a lot of different disciplines are shown as architecture, ceramic, fashion design, graphic design, textile, and jewelry, etc. www.designmarch.is.

On May the amazing Reykjavik Arts Festival started in 1969, it shows the best international and local with multiple disciplines.

In June there are two different events. The first one is the National day of Iceland (17 of June) when Iceland get independent of Denmark in 1944. It starts at 10 o´clock in the city center until 6 p.m. It includes concerts, theatre, parade, outdoor play sets, games, and circus shows.

And the other event in June is the Secret Solstice Festival that is a music festival with a huge different type of music such as rock, DJs and hip-hop.

In the month of Julyis the Innipúkinn (Indoor) festival where apart from music it has a music market, pub quizzes, and BBQ´s.

Augustis an exciting month, there are celebrations as the Reykjavik GAY Pride festival, the Reykjavik Marathon and the Reykjavik Cultural Night.

At the end of the summer, the International Film Festival takes place, It`s between September and October.

When the year is going to end the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival starts (October/ November)