Iceland Photography - Through the lenses

Iceland is on the top list of a huge number of photographers world-wide. This island is well-known for the stunning landscape and the opportunities to have nice photos in such wild nature.

Some popular places are crowded with photographers trying to get the best picture, for example at Jökulsárlón or Skógafoss waterfall.

Planning your photography trip to Iceland you should check the following points.

Auroa Borealis Iceland  

It is important to consider the times of light during the different months of the year, so during winter months, you will have less light than going in summer or spring time.

Also, keep in mind the weather and temperatures, it is surprisingly mild all year, and less cold than many people think.  Summers are quite nice in temperature, but the wind chill is always a factor, especially in the winter months.

As the weather can change quickly, we highly recommend being prepared and bring all the necessary equipment to be prepared for it.

  • You should bring the lenses that allow you to caption the landscape, with wide-angle like telephoto, abstract or macro.
  • The tripod is extremely important to stabilize your image and make pictures with long exposure times. It is also important to bring a waterproof bag to protect your camera.
  • We recommend using filters, is not completely necessary but it makes it so much easier to capture in a better way some great elements in the scenery.
  • Another handy accessory can be a rain cover for your camera to take photos while it is either raining or snowing, another option if you don‘t want to buy one is to use a plastic bag.

Fjarðárgljúfur Iceland

Additionally, we encourage you to go out and make a lot of pictures, but remember to respect the nature, keep a secure limit between you and the animals, don‘t cut the vegetation and try to keep everything where you found it. Other people would like to enjoy the same as you did.