Icelandic Products and Gifts to take home

Visitors tend to take with them something from the country they visit. If you are wondering of the most typical Produce to take from Iceland, we are going to give you some recommendations.

One of the specialties is the chocolate covered by licorice. You can buy it at the supermarket such as Bonus or Kronan. There are different types, but you should try Sambó Þristur mini chocolatebars, Góa Bingókúlur and Nói Síríus Lakkrís (Liquorice).

Icelandic Candy

The Icelandic sea salt comes from the beautiful Westjords. This salt is a good gift for everyone and the taste is stronger than another type of salt you are used to and the package design is really nice. Sold widely around the country in supermarkets.

Harðfiskur (dried fish) is the absolute number one delicacy of Icelanders. It has really strong smell and you should pack it well and take one bag for your friends and family. Dried fish is very high in protein and considered as a healthy snakck in Iceland.

Icelandic Dried Fish

Due to the huge amount of sheep in the country it is obvious that one of the most popular side products is the wool. Making mittens, sweaters and other garmins with Icelandic wool is very popular.  Making you warm and cozy in cold temperature It is known for the high quality, warmth and classic style. These pullovers are perfect for workwear, sportswear and outdoor activities. The sweaters are called Lopi sweaters, the colors of the Icelandic sheep wool are utilized to create stunning Icelandic knitwear in earthy tones of gray, brown, heather blue, and white. They can be bought all over Iceland.

Icelandic Lamb

If you want to take some alcoholic drink with you, you should think about the Brennivín. This is the traditional liquor made by fermented grain and potato mash, flavored with caraway.  GIN has also become a rising industry and GIN makers in Iceland have won awards for their product.  Reykjavík Gin is one of the best in Iceland.

Icelandic Gin

Apart from these ideas there is a lot of options to buy a gift in the main street of Reykjavik, Laugavegur, there you can find puffin bird toys, magnets featuring geysers, t-shirts, etc.

A gift or a memory from Iceland is something everybody loves.