Go SMART Camper 2-pax

Go SMART Camper 2-pax

Manual FWD
2 passengers
5 doors
2 luggage
99 EUR

This camper is the perfect way for two to travel in Iceland. It's fuel efficient and handles great. 

These campers were build 2015 and later.

Please note if you are planning on renting this camper class out of the summer season that this camper is not equipped with a heater for the nigth time

  • 2015 model Camper and younger
  • Gas stove 
  • Cutlery and dinnerware for two
  • Pot and pan 
  • Pillows 
  • Water container 
  • Storage area 
  • Playing Cards 
  • Mattress
  • Unlimited mileage 
  • Price includes VAT 
  • Free extra driver 
  • Fuel Discount Card
  • AUX + USB + Bluetooth connection